Boots & Cats: Vol II Mixtape03.07.2018

For my 25th birthday, I present to you a work of art that I have been developing for 2 years. This is a 30 minute live mixtape that consists of 17 tunes. Each tune has been broken down into loops and performed accordingly.

A lot of work has gone into this project behind the sound. My idea for this was to create a setup that has the feeling of a live set, but the fun of DJing. I'd go into more detail on the controllers, but this setup has so many features I can't explain them all. I even re-coded a couple of Python scripts in order for this to work properly.

This is my gift to you, the listener. My love, stress, thoughts, and ideas are all invisioned within this journey. Most of these tunes are released, but to put them all together in an original set allows you to enter my world for a short amount of time.

So please, have a listen, in your car, at work, school, on an airplane, in a space mission, ANYWHERE. Just remember to always live in the present moment and feel these vibrations with me.

1. The Gateway*
2. Enrapture
3. Six Chakra - Crooked (KaBASS Remix)
4. TOAD (Hypno)
5. Dantalion
6. The Bunker
7. The Zone
8. The Surface
10. Atomic
11. Danny Grooves - Rock Em Up (KaBASS Remix)
12. Doppelganger - Starfox (KaBASS Remix)
13. Genzai
14. Party*
15. Entergalacktrick
16. Tevlo ft. Veela - Circles (KaBASS VIP Remix)*
17. Phantogram - Same Old Blues (KaBASS Remix)

* = Unreleased

Equipment Info:
Ableton 9.1
2 Traktor Kontrol F1s
Behringer CMD MM-1