October 19th, 2017 | 8:26pm
In case you missed it, I have a brand new deep dubstep remix on Six Chakras 2K Followers EP that was released 2 weeks ago. The entire EP is dark, deep, and wonky. Featuring remixes from the Ghouls crew, Bvdvpple, Doppelganger, and OddRac have also contributed their sound for this awesome release.

You can also pre-order the Warrior Within EP. If you do, you'll get the title track, "Warrior Within" instantly once purchased. This is the collaboration me and OMS worked on all year. The support means a lot to both of us. You'll get 4 diverse bass tracks for only $3. That's essentially a free track to todays standards. If that's not enough for you either, I'll be releasing a free mini mix of the EP on YouTube AND I will have physical "Download Cards" that include 6 tracks total for only $1 more than the original price!